hey, I'm beth!

I’m a 24-year-old writer, always found with red lipstick and a cup of coffee. I love dogs, whiskey and have an obsession with Fleetwood Mac bordering onto the obsessive. I’m most notably a journalist specialising in sex, relationships, and health. But, I'm also a creative writer, copywriter, content manager and public speaker. I've also done a bit of modelling here and there. I guess you could say I'm an all-around creative.

I have my fingers in a lot of pies (gross), and you could consider this website a display cabinet for all those pies I’ve been fingering (not sure where I’m going with this). Put plainly, I have a lot of creative energy and find myself involved with many fun projects.

come see about me

my writing

Specialising in sex, relationships, reproductive health and culture, I have written for Vice, Vogue Business, Refinery29, Autostraddle, Daye, HuffPost The Nopebook, The Metro and more. Previously, I was a staff writer at Restless Magazine where I wrote a bi-weekly column, 'It's My Pleasure', exploring fem experiences of intimacy through a feminist lens. You can see my full portfolio on my journalism page. Currently, I'm a sex and relationships columnist for Wellby.

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other work bits

Outside of writing, I've been fortunate to work with an array of brilliant brands as a model, public speaker, and campaigner.

I have modelled for a range of brands such as Curvy Kate, Love Ur Look London and vintage store Vinokilo. I've also engaged in influencer campaigns for a range of brands from KVD Beauty to Lush Cosmetics, and numerous sex shops.

As a public speaker, I specialise in talking about feminism, body autonomy, equality, domestic abuse, #MeToo, and similar subjects. I've been a panel member for events such as Avon Cosmetics' "Behind the Line", raising awareness of coercive control in teenagers, and Google's collaboration event with Refuge, raising awareness of technology's role in domestic abuse. I have also appeared in Reuters, Grazia, The Debrief, The Pool, The Independent and The Benefit Cosmetics blog speaking about my experience with domestic abuse, and sharing advice with readers.