charlotte moore
"Beth’s work captures the voice of her generation. Looking at sex through a candid but empathetic lens."
- Charlotte Moore, Assistant Editor at Restless Magazine
sarah rose
"Beth Ashley's open and honest accounts about topics often deemed taboo give you a sense of understanding and belonging. So many young people feel unable to ask the questions she poses, Beth not only answers them but she does it in a way we'd never have imagined. Her writing brings you hope even in the most hopeless of situations."
- Sarah Rose, Reader
"A sharp mind, a passionate soul, and a critical eye for content - a breath of fresh air in modern times."
- Adrian Clash*, Former Manager
"Beth interviewed me for some of my activist work. She is one of the most professional and considerate writers I know: her pieces are a joy to read, she pays attention to your needs as an interviewee, making sure you're quoted properly and thoroughly, and her stories are incredibly informative. Make sure you put her on your reading list!"
- Carolina Hades, Reader & Interviewee
"Beth's writing is always insightful, thought-provoking and compelling - she really gets to the heart of the issue."
- Becki Jayne Crossley, former co-worker
beth ashley writer
"The best tits I've ever seen in real life"
- Harry, fiancé

some words about me

I began writing professionally around eight years ago. In that time, I’ve created just about everything from porn scripts and sex essays to long-form political pieces and interesting features. I never stop talking about sex, in less of a hot way and more of a dorky way. I'm always talking about sex because I advocate strongly for the personal and sexual freedom of women and queer people, a theme which shows up in my work often.

You can find my work in the likes of Vice, Refinery29, Vogue Business, HuffPost, Daye, The Metro, Autostraddle and more. Previously, I was a sex and relationships columnist for Restless Magazine, writing pieces like Reclaiming Intimacy after Sexual Assault and How to Have Sustainable Sex.

As a huge lover of culture, I have a keen interest in music, TV, film and books. I’m rarely quiet about media representation, as I believe on-screen portrayals of identities carries huge influence in how real-life situations may play out. If we weren’t currently in the midst of a lockdown, I’d probably be either in a tattoo studio or sitting in a coffee shop writing. It’s a cliché, I know, but us writers can’t get enough of the lattes, free ASMR and perfectly placed plug-sockets. For now, you'll find me at home in a Harry Potter dressing gown typing away.

If you'd like to discuss working together, ask me a question, or just have a chat, contact me!

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