Sex & Relationships

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Self & MoreIt’s time to include people with penises in sex-positivity

Lacuna VoicesWhat it’s like dating after leaving an abusive relationship

Xtra Magazine I accidentally ordered a magic wand for my first sex toy. It changed my life

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Inside the world of educational porn

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Politics & Class

Vice ‘I’m Embarrassed’ – The Young Tories Who Regret Voting Conservative

I-D – Young landlord TikTok is here and it’s as grim as it sounds (forthcoming)

Vice I never worried about being working class until I went to art school

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Vice – Is it time to revise the debt collection process? (forthcoming)

The FlockFalling incomes, CCJs, and the Coronavirus debt spiral


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Daye While undergoing treatment for PTSD, I discovered my period was part of the problem

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Refinery29 Why I prefer clothing swaps to shopping new

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Vogue BusinessWhat happened to plus size?

Vogue BusinessWhy influencers are unionising

Autostraddle Coming Together, Staying Apart: What taking care and taking action looks like on HIV and COVID-19

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The Nopebook Crazy-Ex Girlfriend is tackling the stigma surrounding anti-depressants

The NopebookCrazy-Ex Girlfriend shows us the dangers of using love as a ‘cure’

The Breakdown Why makeup is perfect for self-expression


Restless MagazineVictims will have their say – The government wants your input to redesign workplace harassment laws.

Restless MagazineHow you can help end period poverty

JeTuNous (archived) – Profile of feminist punk band Peach Club

Jetunous (archived) – In conversation with YouTuber Grace Victory

Jetunous (archived) – On modelling with body hair with Maya Felix

Jetunous (archived) – Womanhood in the political arena with MP Jess Phillips

Personal Essays

The Curiosity Club How life modelling helped me embrace my plus size body

The Curiosity ClubWhy is it so hard to make up with friends you’ve hurt?

Restless Magazine What do I wear to therapy?

Restless MagazineOn cutting ties with a parent

Restless MagazineFrom pain to pleasure

Press/Quoted In


Times Radio

Appeared on Times Radio with Cathy Newman discussing the problems with Denmark’s iConsent app

Close-up podcast

I was a guest on Aurelia Magazine’s Close-up podcast alongside Poppy Lepora, discussing sex and masturbation

Let’s Talk about Sex, Jamie

I was a guest on the Let’s Talk about Sex, Jamie podcast discussing lockdown wanking.

Let’s Talk about Sex, Jamie

I returned as a guest on the Let’s Talk about Sex, Jamie podcast to talk vaginismus, sexual dysfunction, and anxiety’s impact on sex.



Appeared on Radio 1 Extra to talk about the new guidelines (released October 2022) stopping CPS from considering sexts and casual sex of a complainant when reviewing sexual assault cases.


Quoted in How losing your regional accent affects your identity by Gina Tonic

Restless Magazine

Quoted in So you want more sex? by Tea Adesanya



Contributed to 70 women on what it’s like to be sent unsolicited dick pics by Sophie Gallagher


Interviewed for How to have sex with a fat girl by Gina Tonic

The Metro 

Contributed to International Women’s Day: Celebrating the women who are empowered by their tattoos, by Hattie Gladwell


Quoted in Facesitting: what it is and why people get off on it by Paisley Gilmour


Spoke to BBC about tech abuse in ‘I didn’t realise it was going to be part of my entrapment’ by Zoe Kleinman


Panel member for the Refuge X Avon Comestics ‘Behind the Line’ campaign raising awareness of coercive control in abusive teenage relationships

Channel 5

Appeared on Channel 5 News to discuss the importance of making people aware of coercive control in relationships 

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