I offer stripped-back, inclusive consultations and services – suitable for both aspiring and established journalists. If you’re looking for assistance from a seasoned writer who doesn’t fuck about, I’m ya girl. I’m not about keeping the tips and tricks of the industry a harboured secret. I want as many of us to share stories and make money as possible. Sound good? See the services I offer below and get in touch to book in some time with me.

The Pitch-Stop

Did you know Monday mornings are the perfect time to send pitches to editors? Using my ‘pitch-stop’ service, you can drop your ideas to me on a Friday and I’ll spruce them up over the weekend, ready for your Monday-morning send-off. If needed, I can also help you choose relevant publications for your idea and provide the right contact emails. This service £50 per pitch, but if you send me three pitches, it’s £100 altogether.

Proofreading & Sub-editing

I will proofread and sub-edit your article, blog post, website copy (whatever you need a second pair of eyes for!) and ensure it’s error-free, accessible and ready to publish. The price of this service depends on the scope of the project, but I tend to work at £25 an hour.

1-1 Consultations

Got a real specific goal, like “I want a column” or “I need more bylines” or “I have so many ideas but what the fuck”? Slide into my inbox and let’s chat.

Coming Soon

I’m soon to be launching a library of resources for journalists. This will include a weekly newsletter of opportunities (both full and part-time jobs as well as gig opportunities) and access to resources like mastheads (so you know who’s who), a list of contact details for commissioning editors, and help on Getting Paid. The fee for access to all of this (and discounts on my other services) will be £3 a month. I plan to offer sponsored spaces to those who have lost work from the Coronavirus. Stay tuned for the launch of this service via my Instagram